The Edge of Winter by Luanne Rice

edge-of-winterA greatly satisfying read, The Edge of Winter introduces the reader to Neve; her daughter, Mickey; Ranger Tim O’Caseys; his father, Joe; and Shane, a teenage surfer who’s a little rough around the edges. The characters all share a love of birding — particularly snowy owls — and sunken Nazi submarine, the U-823, off of their beloved Refuge Beach.

The story ties together with only a few bumps and lumps, and although it’s not stellar, I still enjoyed The Edge of Winter. Rice is able to connect the snowy owl to a sunken submarine to a mysterious painter named Berkeley to the effects of war on every member of the family, a story that could have fallen apart in the first chapter.

I rooted for every character, even Neve’s alcoholic ex-husband, Richard. Rice makes it impossible not to like every character; she includes details that make the characters seem so real. I enjoyed her examination of “shell shock,” now known as post-traumatic stress disorder, on World War II veterans. In fact, WWII plays a major part in The Edge of Winter, something I was not expecting. And Rhode Island sounds absolutely breath-taking.

Book Mentioned:

  • Rice, Luanne. The Edge of Winter. New York: Bantam, 2007. Print. 339 pgs. ISBN: 9780553805277. Source: Library.
Book Cover © Bantam Books. Retrieved: May 4, 2009.


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