Scarlett by Cathy Cassidy

scarlettTwelve-year-old Scarlett is acting out because of her parent’s divorce, and has been for the past two years. She gets a piercing, gets kicked out of five schools, and is generally being a brat. Her mother’s at her wit ends and ships Scarlett off to Ireland to live with her father as her last resort.

Scarlett is probably one of the most melodramatic characters I’ve read about recently. Her tongue piercing and awful behavior give off the illusion that she’s a complete bad *ss, and her nine-year-old stepsister, Holly, subsequently looks up to her.

However, both Scarlett and Holly do and say things that are completely outside their age group. They sound older, they act older, and, therefore, both come across as even more melodramatic. And Kian, who’s supposed to be a major life-changing character is rarely seen in the novel; so much so that I began to believe he was a figment of her imagination.

It’s still a nice, little story about learning to belong and let go, but it’s pretty cheesy and I would never had picked this book up at age ten (the target age group).

Book Mentioned:

  • Cassidy, Cathy. Scarlett. New York: Viking Juvenile, 2006. Print. 361 pgs. ISBN: 0670060682. Source: Library.
Book Cover © Viking Juvenile. Retrieved: April 27, 2009.

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