Darcy’s Story by Janet Aylmer

darcys-storyAylmer’s retelling of Pride and Prejudice is done by seeing events as they transpire through the eyes of Darcy himself. Readers are able to understand Darcy’s actions and feel what Darcy feels after Elizabeth rejects him.

It’s not that Darcy’s Story is bad per say; it’s that so much of this novel is copy and pasted from Austen’s original. While Darcy’s Story is supposed to be Pride and Prejudice retold from Darcy’s point of view, there is little extra information, extra feelings, and the few original scenes between Darcy and Georgiana seem so stiff, so fake.

There are a few redeeming qualities — Darcy thinks Mr. Bennet is a very honorable, likable man — and I enjoyed his anguish over Elizabeth, something the comes to life after his first proposal. But for the most part, the book is pretty tame and predictable. I felt she could have been more creative, and more character development would have been appreciated considering it is a retelling from a different character’s viewpoint, but otherwise it was okay.

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  • Aylmer, Janet. Darcy’s Story. New York: Harper, 2006. Print. 277 pgs. ISBN: 9780061148705. Source: PaperBackSwap.
Book Cover © Harper. Retrieved: April 1, 2009.

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