And This Our Life by C. Allyn Pierson

and-this-our-lifeAnd This Our Life is a wonderful sequel to Pride and Prejudice, especially for readers who don’t enjoy all of the bodice-ripping that has plagued other sequels. The story immediately picks up where Pride and Prejudice ends with the Bingleys and the Darcys settling into married life. Society is both curious and distrusting of Mr. Darcy’s new bride; a plot line I think would have been more accurate than other sequels where everyone falls under Elizabeth’s charm. Georgiana matures in a believable fashion and her marriage to her cousin, Fitzwilliam, a move I’ve never quite liked, made me change my stance.

The story could have benefited from a bit more drama — the Darcys’ life is a bit too idealistic and perfect. Darcy comes across as completely perfect, although he all know he has his faults, and is given his own story line when he is sent to chase after the Prince’s letters from his secret wife, which was my least favorite part about And This Our Life. But Pierson’s knowledge of the Regency period if very obvious, and I will make sure to snag the second book in this series.

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  • Pierson, C. Allyn. And This Our Life. New York: iUniverse, 2008. Print. 236 pgs. ISBN: 9780595448449. Source: Purchased.
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