Sunday Salon: Current Reads

Besides spending the entirety of yesterday working on home improvement projects — hanging a new lamp above the kitchen table, planting plants in back and out front, decorating the entryway, hanging photos, installing baseboards — I also managed to get caught up on the Gone with the Wind read-a-long. I posted my thoughts about the novel up to chapter nine, including my comparison of Rhett Butler to Fitzwilliam Darcy and waffling feelings about Scarlett, but I’m stunned at how much I am enjoying this novel. It’s so large, so daunting, and so many people told me how they hated the book but loved the movie. Well, I haven’t seen the movie, but if my {premature} decision of how much I’m enjoying Gone with the Wind is any indication, maybe I’ll enjoy that too.

I’ve been hearing rumors that my next book for English class will be Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. According to Wikipedia, the story details an incident when an Englishman, taking a foreign assignment as a ferry-boat captain for a Belgian trading company, in the (assumed) Congo region is employed to transport ivory downriver. However, his more pressing assignment is to return another ivory trader to civilization in a cover up. It sounds pretty interesting and since I already own it, I can count it towards the Read Your Own Books Challenge. However, it’s just a rumor as my teacher hasn’t told us that Heart of Darkness is what we will be reading next, despite the fact that the other English teacher has.

The local paper weighed in on the addition of zombies to Pride & Prejudice {Jane Austen} in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies {Seth Grahame-Smith} in this morning’s opinions section. I don’t plan on trying this variation, not because I think “literary mashups” are bad for literature, but because zombies really don’t interest me. However, a book the “negative” article highlighted — Jane Bites Back (Michael Thomas Ford) — soundsĀ  like something I’d love to get my hands on. Apparently in Jane Bites Back, Austen turns into a vampire, fakes her own death, and lives quietly as a bookstore owner before deciding to drive a stake through the heart of everyone who has been making money off her for the last two centuries.

As for the other books I’m reading, I have a whole stack of library books on my nightstand that I haven’t touched. In fact, many of them are left over from February’s library loot. I’d like to spend the coming weeks concentrating on reading more of my challenge selections.

Have any of you read Heart of Darkness? How about Gone with the Wind? Or are you reading-a-along too?

The Sunday Salon:

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