Major In Success by Patrick Combs

major-in-successHow do I figure out what carer I’d truly love? How do I pick the best major for me? How do I get and stay motivated? What are some shortcuts to success? How do I get past the fears that hold me back? What  will give me a competitive edge?

To be honest, the information Combs provides in his book was all common sense to me. The book instructs you to (a) go to college, (b) figure out what you love, and (c) do it. I appreciated the interesting quotes and “hot tips” in the margins and the comics used to highlight a point or just for laughs.

I feel like this would be a good book for students who aren’t excited about going to college. It could probably provide the inspiration they need in order to success. However, as someone who is counting down the days until she starts college, there’s not much this book could tell me that I didn’t already know.

A lot of common sense. A couple of laughs. A few inspirational points.

Book Mentioned:

  • Combs, Patrick. Major In Success: Make College Easier, Fire Up Your Dreams, and Get a Very Cool Job. New York: Ten Speed Press, 2003. Print. 170 pgs. ISBN: Source: Borrowed from my mom.
Book Cover ©  Ten Speed Press. Retrieved: January 28, 2009.

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