Vampire Dreams by Tyche

vampire-dreamsFiction — print. SparkNotes, 2004. 178 pgs. Gift.

James Weston never wanted to be a vampire. He’s fled his sinister mom and her murderous friends to start over as a tutor in Manhattan, the one place he can blend in. But when blood-drained bodies start to surface in his neighborhood, he fears that his own malevolent nature is taking control.

In order to appease my mom, I read Vampire Dreams by Tyche. It’s an SAT vocabulary novel that is supposed to be “the painless way to learn SAT vocabulary”.

The plot of Vampire Dreams is pretty interesting, although I did find myself comparing the vampires in this book to the ones other vampire books I’ve read recently. However, it’s a little forced at times because Tyche is trying to fit in all the advanced vocabulary, which interrupted the flow of the novel more than the other ones I’ve read.


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