Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz

deadly-little-secret1Until three months ago, everything about sixteen-year-old Camelia’s life had been fairly ordinary: decent grades; an okay relationship with her parents; and a pretty cool part-time job at an art studio downtown. But when Ben, the mysterious new guy, starts junior year at her high school, Camelia’s life becomes far from ordinary.

Rumored to be somehow responsible for his ex-girlfriend’s accidental death, Ben is immediately ostracized by everyone on campus. Except for Camelia. She’s reluctant to believe he’s trouble, even when her friends try to convince her otherwise. Instead she’s inexplicably drawn to Ben…and to his touch. But soon, Camelia is receiving eerie phone callas and strange packages with threatening notes. Ben insists she is in danger, and that he can help – but can he be trusted? She knows he’s hiding something…but he’s not the only one with a secret.

When I first started Deadly Little Secret, I was convinced it was a blatant rip-off of Twilight. Girl almost gets hit by a car, Boy saves Girl, Girl tries to thank Boy, and Boy denies his role in saving her. Girl’s drawn to Boy, despite him being dangerous, and, just like Edward, Ben can’t touch her.

I’m still convinced it’s a Twilight wannabe, but I liked Deadly Little Secret better. A lot better because, unlike Bella, Camelia is a very likable character, because the first person writing is done in a way that every sentence doesn’t start with I, because the suspense is more…suspenseful.

Okay, all Twilight thoughts aside, this book was a little too easy to read for me, but I still enjoyed it. I wasn’t expecting a mystery/suspense novel when I picked it up, and I had no idea whom Camelia’s stalker was. But I’m still a little confused as to why the stalker is the stalker {I’m sure that makes no sense}, and I thought the ending didn’t really explain everything {like why the stalker is the stalker}.

All things considered, I’m sure if I was my twelve or thirteen-year-old self, I would have immediately placed a couple more of Stolarz’s books on hold at the local library. But if I was twelve or thirteen, I’d probably be obsessed with Twilight and wouldn’t have time to read, or think about, anything else.

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Book Cover © Hyperion. Retrieved: December 7, 2008.

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