Cool Colleges by Donald Asher

cool-collegesAre you hyper-intelligent? Self-directed? A late-bloomer? Or just different? Asher’s book attempts to find the perfect colleges out there for those who enjoy learning or socially-awkward or different from anyone else in their high school.

The book promises to explain the Ivy League it and what it really wants and tell you about universities that either don’t give grades or don’t want your SAT scores. For those outdoorsy types, Asher includes a college where you can hike and camp your way to a major as well as one running its own ranch on a 80 square mile campus. There is even a section on campuses where students love to study including on Saturday nights.

Asher also provides information for life post college, specifically data on the highest (and lowest) paying majors and which schools graduated the most millionaires.

Cool Colleges is probably one of the best college guide books out there. It’s funny, which means I don’t loose focus, and it has a very different take on colleges. While I didn’t apply to any of the colleges in this books, I did enjoy reading it, which pleased my mom to no end.

Book Mentioned:

  • Asher, Donald. Cool Colleges for the Hyper-Intelligent, Self-Directed, Late Blooming, and Just Plain Different. New York: Ten Speed Press, 2007. Print. 271 pgs. ISBN: 1580088392. Source: Purchased.
Book Cover © Ten Speed Press. Retrieved: December 1, 2008.

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