New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

new-moonThe problem with series is you have to read them all to find out the end so even though I was so-so on Twilight, I just had to read New Moon. And, you know, I liked New Moon more than Twilight.

Maybe it was because I could understand Bella more? After all, what teenage girl wouldn’t spiral into depression if her boyfriend broke up with her with no explanation and then tried to erase his entire existence from her life? Or maybe it was because Jacob was a nice change from Edward? I can see why so many readers changed colors and switched from Team Edward to Team Jacob.

“It’s just that, I know how you’re unhappy a lot. And, maybe it doesn’t help anything, but I wanted you to know that I’m always here. I won’t ever let you down – I promise that you can always count on me. Wow, that does sound corny. But you know that, right? That I would never, ever hurt you?” (pg. 218)

Or maybe it was because I finally understood how much Bella truly loved Edward, and vice versa? His protection at the beginning of the book, her depression, etc., made me a little less cynical of their relationship. The blank pages to represent months passed in zombie-depression was a great idea.

Still, I don’t really like the characters. The characters just aren’t fleshed out completely, except for Jacob and the werewolves. I felt like I learned more about who they are than I ever did about the vampires in Twilight. But the writing improves, the plot thickens, and I’m frustrated I have to wait until Christmas to find out what happens next in Eclipse.

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  • Meyer, Stephanie. New Moon. New York: Little, Brown and Company, 2006. Print. 563 pgs. ISBN: 0316160199. Source: Purchased.
Book Cover © Little, Brown and Company. Retrieved: November 30, 2008.


  1. For the record, I’m not sure what Stephanie Meyer was thinking when she wrote breaking dawn. It’s good, just not Twilight or Stephanie Meyer good. Does anyone else agree with this?


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