Head Over Heels by Ryan Nerz

Fiction — print. Sterling, 2003. 223 pgs. Purchased.

Francesca Castarelli has to choose. Dreamy and athletic Jeremy is the most popular boy in her school and the center of her social scene. Luke Barton isn’t part of her scene at all – he’s her SAT tutor and impudent smart-ass. Will Francesca risk everything for the guy who drivers her crazy – in every way?

In order to appease my mom, I read Head Over Heels, an SAT vocabulary novel that is supposed to be “the painless way to learn SAT vocabulary”.

Head Over Heels is probably my favorite SAT vocabulary book because of the plot. It’s a pretty good teen romance book that other teen girls can relate to. After awhile, it’s second nature to look down for the words. Or, you can try to guess what the word is using context clues and quiz yourself. Enjoyable read, even if you don’t get anything out of it vocab-wise.


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