Mr. Darcy’s Diary by Amanda Grange

41G-btRQQgL._SX370_BO1,204,203,200_Fiction — print. Sourcebooks, 2007. 329 pgs. Received from PaperBackSwap.

The only place Darcy could share his innermost feelings was in the private pages of his diary. Torn between his sense of duty to his family name and his growing passion for Elizabeth Bennet, all he can do is struggle not to fall in love.

After reading Pamela Aiden’s “Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman” trilogy recently, I found Mr. Darcy’s Diary to be merely a much simpler version. Grange doesn’t go much beyond the events we already know of from the original novel. The only events with actual substance are the ones Grange directly quotes from the original without her own addition to the story, besides:

” I cannot believe it. I have seen Elizabeth.” (pg. 204)

And Darcy himself doesn’t seem to have much depth at all. Darcy’s feelings seem to flip flop to quickly throughout the novel with no basis. And there were no surprises. Nothing happens to Darcy that we don’t already know about to some degree.

Of course, I found myself smiling when Elizabeth finally accepted as I always do. The glimpses of their life during their engagement and after marriage were cute too. However, if you really want an in-depth look at Darcy, I recommend the Pamela Aiden trilogy. Adian, unlike Grange, really shows the way Darcy’s mind works.

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