Categorically Speaking

I’m glad to see that I still have more post categorized as “Book Reviews” than anything else. Sometimes, I feel like I never have a book review up on this blog. On the other hand, I am a little put out that I’ve rated 11 books as a two. Fives and fours are still higher but I don’t like this realization that I dislike quite a bit of what I’ve read.

  1. Book Review {60}
  2. Fiction {53}
  3. Cover Copy {38}
  4. Library Books {24}
  5. Balance of Opinion, Jacket Copy {22}
  6. Booking Through Thursday, Favorites, Rating: 5 {19}
  7. The Sunday Salon {18}
  8. Rating: 4 {16}
  9. Giveaways {15}
  10. Bookstack {12}
  11. Rating: 2, Thanks Mom, Verbatim {11}
  12. ReRead, Uncategorized {10}
  13. Nonfiction, Rating: 3 {9}
  14. Book To Movie, ‘P’ Authors {8}
  15. Sequel {7}
  16. ‘M’ Authors, Mr. Darcy, School Books {6}
  17. ‘H’ Authors, Hot Type {5}
  18. ‘A’ Authors, ‘D’ Authors, ‘F’ Authors, ‘G’ Authors, ‘L’ Authors, ‘R’ Authors {4}
  19. ‘B’ Authors, ‘K’ Authors, ‘S’ Authors, ‘W’ Authors, Mail Call, Paperback Swap Book, Winner, SAT/ACT Prep {3}
  20. ‘C’ Authors, Quarter Close, Rating: 0, Rating: 1 {2}
  21. ‘E’ Authors, ‘N’ Authors, ‘Q’ Authors, ‘V’ Authors, Biblical Sense, Bookstores, Challenges, College Shopping, News, Photography, Teaser Tuesdays {1}

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