Green Apple Books

Last weekend, my mom, my aunt, and my grandmother, and I all headed to San Francisco for a little vacation. The trip originally started out as a birthday present from Aunt Cindy to me and included a shopping excursion in “her city,” Los Angeles. Some how it bloomed into a girls’ weekend with all the girls in San Francisco.

I looked to Holly’s blog, Nothing But Bonfires, for restaurant recommendations since she lives in San Fran and all. But in between the recommendation to eat at Bang San and In-N-Out Burger was a recommendation to stop at Green Apple Books “where you will likely be able to find any second-hand book you’ve ever heard of.”

And, boy, am I glad we did!

{The picture of the logo came from the sturdy. cloth bag I bought to remind me of carry all my loot Green Apple Books.}

Green Apple Books is a sprawling bookstore where every nook and cranny, and I do mean every nook and cranny, are jammed with books. I was salivating so much that I barely remembered to take pictures.

On the top floor is where I picked up most of my loot. There’s a poetry section, a how-to section, a self-help section, a…

Okay, I could keep going because this place has just about everything.

It took me a minute to realize that the top floor also has apples stamped on the floor. And they’re color-coded, so it’s very helpful because, low and behold, they lead the way to major sections. There was red, yellow, and green.

Green leads to the “Granny Smith Room” or better known as the history section.

There are mutliple shelves on every subject imaginable and even an entire shelf marked “Really cheap history books.” It’s a sliver of a side room and you do get up close and personal with your fellow book lover. Still, my mom had to drag me out of there.

But the thing that really won me over about Green Apple Books was while I was checking out, the cashier asked me if I wanted a used copy of the book to save me money. Um, sure, I replied. And he pointed me in the direction of the used bookshelf right by the front door. Sure enough, a used, discounted copy of the book was on the shelf.

And then when he got to the third book, he again asked me if I wanted a used copy to save me money. Um, sure, I replied. And he called for someone upstairs to bring me down a used, discounted copy from the “Granny Smith Room.” I saved about ten dollars and when has a bookstore ever offered you a discounted copy to save you money? Um, never.

So, if you’re ever in San Francisco, I highly recommend you stop at Green Apple Books. It’s worth the cab fare.

Here’s the discounted, slightly used loot:


  1. I love that store! But it sounds like it’s changed a bit since I last visited years ago. I don’t remember any color-coded apples on the floor, or named rooms. It was just sections. Do they still have the annex one door down the street, where the sci fi, fiction and music are?


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