The Make-Up Girl by Andrea Semple

In many ways, Adam is the perfect boyfriend. He never wants to watch the football. He never gets drunk. And he always prefers a quiet night in to going out with his mates. The only problem is, Adam doesn’t actually exist. Faith Wishart made him up. In fact, Faith makes almost everything up in order to please her mum. She pretends she works for a top PR company, when really she works in a shop–as a make-up girl for Keats cosmetics.

But her mom is itching to meet the mysterious Adam, and when her younger sister, Hope, returns expectantly from Australia with her fiance, it’s not wedding bells that are ringing for Faith. It’s alarm bells. She now has less than two months to solve her boyfriend’s non-existence problem in time for the wedding and desperate times call for desperate measures.

Semple’s book is probably one of the best “chick lit” books I’ve read. It has all the foundations for a good piece of “chick lit” but it also has a couple of twist and turns I didn’t expect. There is some definite “soul-searching” by the main character, Faith.

Plus Faith doesn’t merely let things take their natural course. She asks questions and talks to you, almost as if she’s hoping you`ll give her some intelligent insight. She’s very much like all of us. In high hopes that there’s someone perfect out there for us, someone made just for us. The writer made the character take the time to wonder more and seek knowledge outside of just living. The sometimes dry, semi-dark humor that I didn’t always understand but overall, it’s a great summer read that’s light and enjoyable.

Book Mentioned:

  • Semple, Andrea. The Make-Up Girl. London: Piatkus Books, 2004. Print. 324 pgs. ISBN: 9780749935047. Source: Purchased.
Book Cover © Piatkus Books. Retrieved: July 4, 2008.

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  1. it’s always nice when a book turns out better than you expect- especially when it’s something you grab cause you’re in need of something to read. 🙂


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