Sun-Kissed by Belinda Ray

sun-kissedFiction — print. Sterling, 2004. 200 pgs. Purchased.

No one understands Kristen Carmichael anymore. Her mom’s career-obsessed, her dad’s marrying his secretary, and her friends have all turned on her because of a rumor. All she has now is her surfboard and the serenity of the ocean–until Nate Jacobs, a social pariah and the last person she would have ever imagined herself with, is suddenly there for her.

In order to appease my mom, I read Sun-Kissed by Belinda Ray. It’s an SAT vocabulary novel that is supposed to be “the painless way to learn SAT vocabulary.”

This is a book does help refresh or learn vocab and it has a pretty good plot. The book has such a great story teenage girls could relate to. After awhile, it’s second nature to look down for the words. Or, you can try to guess what the word is using context clues and quiz yourself. Enjoyable read, even if you don’t get anything out of it vocab-wise.

One comment

  1. Jeane

    How interesting. I had no idea novels were written to showcase SAT vocab words! sounds like a great concept and glad to hear they’re not boring, too!


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