Amelia and the Outlaw by Lorraine Heath


With a strict, eagle-eyed judge for a father and two older brothers to back him up, Amelia Harper is doted upon and protected within an inch of her life. She’s not even allowed to have a sweetheart until she’s seventeen, for example. Amelia longs for the day she can do as she please, but that day doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to arrive.

For a young fellow, Jesse Lawton has a surprisingly shady background. the only wonder is that it took him until the age of fourteen toe end up in jail, so wild was the path he’d been on. But five years have passed, and his luck finally seems to have turned: he’s been freed. If only he can stay on the straight and narrow.

When Jesse arrives at the Harper ranch to work off the remainder of his sentence, it’s no surprise that the judge’s pretty daughter catches his eye. What he doesn’t know is that this young lady is itching for excitement, and with one look into his haunted eyes, Amelia knows she’s found it in Jesse.

I think that everyone loves a good romance novel but there comes a point where the smut and the out of control sex scenes become too much. Amelia and the Outlaw does a really good job of keeping sex out of the story but still making you want Jesse and Amelia to be together, which is why I’d agree that its statement of being an romance novel “for teens” is true. The story also has a plot, a story line that’s interesting to follow and has twist and turns in it. It’s well-written and worth the {short} time it takes to read it.

Book Mentioned:

  • Heath, Lorraine. Amelia and the Outlaw. New York: Harper Teen, 2002. Print. 234 pgs. ISBN: 9780060009144. Source: Purchased.
Book Cover © Harper Teen. Retrieved: June 20, 2008.

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