Mr. Darcy Takes A Wife by Linda Berdoll

mr-darcy-takes-a-wifeDarcy and Elizabeth have just been married and are headed off into marital bless at Pemberley. Berdoll’s novel covers the trials and tribulations and excitment of Darcy and Elizabeth’s first six or seven years as a married couple, as well as providing insight into the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Bingley, Mr. and Mrs. Wickham, and Georgiana.

First, this is not Jane Austen. This will never be Jane Austen, as Jane Austen is dead. Purists shouldn’t be reading Austen FanFiction to begin with. And I think to enjoy it for what it was, you have to be able to look at it as a book written by someone who is not trying to be Jane Austen. Because, in all honesty, Jane Austen would not have written so much about sex.

If you can skip over or don’t mind the plethora of sex scenes, I found the background and future of Mr. & Mrs. Darcy intriguing, entertaining, and satisfying. While the first few chapters felt somewhat stilted as Berdoll attempted to copy Austen’s writing style, but gradually she warmed up it her own style. Once you get past the first couple of chapters where Darcy and Elizabeth are just mostly having sex, the plot really picks up. I think she did a great job of illustrating Elizabeth & Darcy’s life in the first six or seven years of their marriage, and the continued development of the characters, and introduction of new faces, was well done.

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  • Berdoll, Linda. Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife: Pride and Prejudice Continues. Naperville, IL: Sourcebooks, 2004. Print. 476 pgs. ISBN: 9781402202735. Source: Gift.
Book Cover © Sourcebooks. Retrieved: June 9, 2008.

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  1. mamareese

    I agree with this post. I wasn’t anticipating that Jane Austen to rise from the dead and write this book. I was looking for what happened after Darcy and Elizabeth got married and my questions were answered.

    Think these sex scenes are a little risque? Check out the next book…Darcy and Elizabeth.


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