Sunday Salon: Link Love

One of things I wanted to have on my book blog was a comparison of my review to someone else’s. I wanted people who read my review to be able to read about what another person thought without having to search all the blogs they frequent, before they go out a plunk down their hard earned money for a book I loved and someone else didn’t. (There’s my thrifty and opinions editor side showing through!)

So, Balance of Opinion (ed: now called ‘Others’ Thoughts’) was born. And with every review I try to find someone on my blogroll or in my comments who has reviewed the same book as me.

I’ve been noticing lately is that more and more people are doing their equivalent of Balance of Opinion, and I kind of wanted to know what was up. After clicking through a couple of links, I came across Dewey at The Hidden Side of a Leaf‘s post encouraging her weekly geek-ers to do the same. And I love that so many people have signed up! When I checked, there were 66 people signed up.

What do you think? Have you signed up?

The Sunday Salon:

The Sunday The Sunday Salon encourages bloggers to get together –at their separate desks, in their own particular time zones– every Sunday and read. And blog about their reading. And comment on each other’s blogs. Salon participants are encouraged to blog about their time spent reading, pages read, information about current reading, discuss a reaction to a book, state what they plan to read the following week, or make suggestions for a group read.


  1. justareadingfool

    I like the idea and have adapted it, but only have under 30 reviews on my site. I’m not as prolific a reviewer or reader as many of my fellow book-bloggers…but I think it’s a good idea. Talk to you later, I’m going to check out your list now and add you to my blogroll.


  2. Jeane

    Well, I haven’t really signed up, but I did pick up the idea and used it on my blog. I like the idea of giving people other opinions to read- particularly when I hated a book lots of other people love, and vice versa.


  3. John's comments

    I liked the idea but hadn’t scrolled down to check in. What I have done is to do a blog search to see if I can find other reviews and then list them with a hyperlink/ From today (having just spent 30 mins trying to work out how it works) I will also put a Mr Linky link in so that any blogger can also make the link


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