WordPress Users

How do you like WordPress?

Have any of you used Blogger and then switched over to WordPress? Is it better then Blogger?

I’m considering switching over to WordPress but wanted to get some expert opinions.



  1. I used to use Blogger, but switched to WordPress almost two years ago. Even though I love WordPress, I found the transition from Blogger to be a difficult one. I’ve found that Blogger is much easier to use when it comes to posting photos, widgets and sidebar stuff. Also, you can import your entire blog over the WordPress, but you can’t import into Blogger, which means if you ever want to switch back, you can’t! Just a few things to think about…


  2. Here are the major differences between the two platforms:Blogger: allows you to tweak your code as much as you want; allows advertising.Wordpress.com: doesn’t allow you any access to your code unless you pay extra, though there are many nice themes to choose from; doesn’t allow advertising ever; has MUCH better spam protection; has a MUCH nicer back end; allows you to create multiple pages on your site; produces cleaner code underneath.If you are thinking of hosting your own WordPress blog you can go to town with styling, plugins, ads, etc.I would be happy to explain any of this in more detail; email me if you have questions.


  3. I *heart* all things google – but not blogger!I switched from bloger to wordpress a few years ago and have never looked back. i now self-host so use WP.org rather than .com but I think it is so much better. Your blogger template looks professional – but some blogger templates are just awful for the reader 😉


  4. If you are very attached to javascript widgets and editing your template however you like then you should probably stick to blogger.If you’re willing to concede some control over the appearance of your site for an overall better blogging experience in terms of service then WordPress all the way.


  5. What they said.But here’s another. Readers seem to be finding me at a much faster rate on WP. On Bloggers, only the spammers seemed to find me.


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