The Pregnancy Test by Erin McCarthy

pregnancy-testMandy Keeling as a recipe for success: become pregnant, land an interview with one Damien Sharpton, and then toss your cookies in your future boss’s wastebasket.

In this case, though, Mr. Gorgeous-But-Unbearably-Anti-Social must likes personal assistants who violate his trashcan, because Mandy gets the job. Too afraid to tell him that’s she’s pregnant, she’s decided to avoid him via text messaging for the next seven months of free health insurance. Except that he’s just asked — no, insisted —  that Mandy go with him on a business trip to the Caribbean.

This book caught my eye due to it’s colorful cover. If you can’t see, as the picture is small, the cover has a front blurb that substitutes words like job, guy, and feet with pictures. This book is chick lit. No doubt about that. But if you can get past the steaming story lines, there actually is a really decent story behind it. Damien’s wife is murder and he feels that it would be a betrayal to his dead wife by falling in love with Mandy.

The Pregnancy Test is also some what of a prequel to You Don’t Know Jack. Although, the two can be read separately. Or out of “order.” Whatever floats your boat. This is a quick, light read that was thoroughly enjoyable. Especially after some tougher reads lately.

Book Mentioned:
  • McCarthy, Erin. The Pregnancy Test. New York: Kensington, 2005. Print. 248 pgs. ISBN: 9780758208477. Source: Library.
Book Cover © Kensington. Retrieved: March 26, 2008

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