The Saturday Wife by Naomi Ragen

saturdaywifeDelilah Levi is a social climber who spent her adolescence dreaming of turning her blond good looks into a brilliant match, as did her mother. But when fate intervenes in the form of a sincere, but not overly bright, rabbinical student, she decides, disastrously, to become “the” rabbi’s wife.

Her husband is posted to an affluent suburban, modern Orthodox synagogue, and Delilah befriends the fabulously wealthy Joie Shammanov, who introduces her to a world of material excess that rivals her wildest daydreams. When the demands of a hypocritical board and unbearable congregants finally pushes her over the edge, the consequences set in motion a social tornado that sweeps everything in its path.

Deliliah is a whiner. Plain and simple. To the point where I wanted to band her head against the wall. To the point where I wanted to throw this book out the window as we drove though Jersey. The only interesting part about this book was the traditions and lifestyles of Orthodox Jews and the part about Rabbi Hershel Metzenbaum and his family, which only last 5 pages. Certainly not enough to redeem it.

Book Mentioned:

  • Ragen, Naomi. The Saturday Wife. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2007. Print. 304 pgs. ISBN: 0312352387. Source: Library.
Book Cover © St. Martin’s Press. Retrieved: March 19, 2008.

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