A Million Little Pieces by James Frey

a_million_little_piecesAt the age of 23, Frey woke up on a plane to find his four front teeth knocked out, his nose broken, and a hole through his cheek. He had no idea where the plane was headed or any recollection of the past two weeks.

An alcoholic for ten years and a crack addict for three, he checked into a treatment facility shortly after landing. There he was told he could either stop using or die before he reached age 24. This is Frey’s account of his six weeks in rehab.

I picked up Frey’s memoir after I saw a girl in Algebra class reading the book after a test one day. I immediately scribbled down the title and author’s name because the cover really sparked my interest.

I had no idea this was the book that Oprah had fallen in love with and then, upon hearing it was chalk full of lies, promptly kicked it out of her book club. The controversy intrigued me even more.

What I didn’t know was how vulgar this book would be or that every page would have “burning vomit,” “blood,” and “chunks of stomach” on it.

Yet, this book is fascinating and intriguing, partly because it is completely different from what I usually read. And it is also, ironically, addicting. You’ll find yourself rooting for James, Leonard, Miles, The Bald Man, Lilly, and Matty. This book is so straightforward that it scared me about drugs.

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  • Frey, James. A Million Little Pieces. New York: Random House, 2005. Originally published 2003. Print. 448 pgs. ISBN: 0385508840. Source: PaperBackSwap.
Book Cover © Random House. Retrieved: March 2, 2008.

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