Tooth And Nail by Charles Harrington Elster and Joseph Elliot

1406659Fiction — print. Tandern Libray, 1994. 384 pgs. Purchased.

My mom picked up Tooth and Nail as a way for me to learn vocabulary for the SAT in context rather than use flashcards for memorization.

However, I found that I knew most of the vocabulary. For example, on page 101, the words are thesis, advocates, ridicule, contempt, fabrication, pompous, obscure, virtually, alludes, and allegedly. Maybe I have a stellar vocabulary, but this book didn’t help me at all.

As for the story it’s self, the word “childish” comes to mind. Or perhaps, you would prefer “adolescent,” “infantile,” or “juvenile.” The book claims to be a “mesmerizing mystery” yet the mystery did not being until after nineteen chapters, and it was quickly wrapped up by chapter twenty-three with a bow.

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