Odd Mom Out by Jane Porter

Fiction — print. 5-Spot, 2007. 423 pgs. Library copy.

Marta Zinsser, a transplant from New York City, clearly does not fit in with the fellow mothers of the wealthy Seattle suburb she and her ten-year-old daughter relocated to, but she’s perfectly fine with that fact. Her daughter, on the other hand, abhors the fact that her mother doesn’t wear sweater sheets, drives a Harley, and therefore doesn’t fit in.

I selected Porter’s novel because of the bright colors on the cover, and because the novel is based in Seattle, a city I absolutely love. The novel seemed like a great read for a summer day at the beach or laying out at the pool. You could easily throw it into a bag and take it where every your fancied. The writing is simple and easy to read, and the story line was pretty good, although it was a bit self-indulgent at times. There were sections in the book, especially during the daughter’s tantrums, that I couldn’t help laughing at.

In the beginning, the book did seem to drag a bit. The first 50 pages or so aren’t gripping and I could have easily put the novel down. Towards the end, I became more engrossed in Marta’s life and just couldn’t put it down. Yet, the turnaround in Marta’s relationship with her daughter at the end left me a little put off.

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