The Ardent Reader

Hi! I’m Christina. I’m in my twenties, and I live in New England. I recently completed my Masters degree in GIScience after receiving my bachelor’s degree in economics and geography. I have a particular interest in food, both eating it and studying it, and history would have been my third major if I had the opportunity.

The Blog

A former book blogger, I took a leave of absence from my previous book blog in light of my relocation to New England for college. However, every time I came back to my old blog, I found I was unable to relate to books and write my reviews in the same fashion. Limited reading time has made me reevaluate the way I read books and write about them, and so I felt it was only fair to give myself a clean slate. This book blog is going to be more about my interactions with books — my feelings, my reactions, my understandings — rather than an evaluation of the technical side and mechanics of the books I read.

The Selections

I’m always open for book recommendations, but I read what interests me. And whether that be the classics, YA fiction, one off the bestsellers list, or the latest steamy romance, I pick the books I read based on my interests. So if my current interest is the Russian Revolution, science fiction, or Amish culture, be prepared for quite a few books on the subject.


Thanks to mobile computers (aka the iTouch and iPad) I’m never very far from my email. Therefore, should you care to get a hold of me in some other way than commenting here on the blog, you can email me at theardentreader(at)gmail(dot)com.