The Ardent Reader

Hi! I’m Christina. I’m in my twenties, and I relocate across America from west to east and east to west with each change of the season. Least you think I’m living the high life, getting from my college in New England to my home in Montana requires me to take a taxi, bus or train, subway, two or three airplanes, a car, and about ten to twelve hours of my life.

I’m currently in grad school having completed my bachelor’s degree in economics and geography. I have a particular interest in food, both eating it and studying it, and history would have been my third major if I had the opportunity.

The Blog

A former book blogger, I took a leave of absence from my previous book blog in light of my relocation to New England for college. However, every time I came back to my old blog, I found I was unable to relate to books and write my reviews in the same fashion. Limited reading time has made me reevaluate the way I read books and write about them, and so I felt it was only fair to give myself a clean slate. This book blog is going to be more about my interactions with books — my feelings, my reactions, my understandings — rather than an evaluation of the technical side and mechanics of the books I read.

The Selections

I’m always open for book recommendations, but I read what interests me. And whether that be the classics, YA fiction, one off the bestsellers list, or the latest steamy romance, I pick the books I read based on my interests. So if my current interest is the Russian Revolution, science fiction, or Amish culture, be prepared for quite a few books on the subject.


Thanks to mobile computers (aka the iTouch and iPad) I’m never very far from my email. Therefore, should you care to get a hold of me in some other way than commenting here on the blog, you can email me at theardentreader(at)gmail(dot)com.