I originally planned to read The Magician’s Nephew before reading this novel because that is how Lewis preferred the order to be, but changed my mind because the former was just not capturing my attention. I never read this novel or the rest of the Chronicles of Narnia as a child. Instead, my first encounter with Lewis’ classic tales was through the movie, and the advertisements for the latest movie adaption spurred me into reading the series.

The story introduces readers to the Pevensie siblings — Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy — and to the land of Narnia, which is under the control  of the odious White Witch. The White Witch tells Edmund that one day he can been the King of Narnia, but only if he brings himself and his siblings to her castle. The Pevensie siblings are the long awaited Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve and they, along with Aslan, are a major threat to the White Witch’s power.

Dedicated to his goddaughter, this classics children’s book is a fantastical tale filled with much imagination. As I knew what was going to happen because of how true the most recent movie adaption is to the book, I spent most of the time paying attention to the descriptions and writing style. I still managed to capture the sense of adventure and wonder I think a child would get out of the book.

And that’s one of things I liked best about the book. A reader can get a certain amount of depth out of the book despite it appearing to be fairly simple. I have heard people call this book Christian propaganda, but I didn’t read it that way. I don’t think readers have to read it this way; it can be read for the religious connotations or for a child’s fantasy or for the adventure.

Book Mentioned:

Book Mentioned:

  • Lewis, C.S. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. New York, NY: HarperCollins, 2006. First published 1950. Print. 189 pgs. ISBN: 0060234822. Source: Library.
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