Of books I want to read, that is. I started making a list of books to be read soon after I started blogging because I just couldn’t resist reading all those books bloggers kept talking about and wanted to have an organized way of keeping track of these books.What used to be a handwritten list turned into a typed document on my computer, which eventually became a page on my blog for all to see entitled “The List“. However, while the list is organized in alphabetical order by the title of the book, it wasn’t completely organized in a way that worked for me.

You see, as the list grew and grew and grew, I could never keep track of what books were available at the library and what books I needed to get through other means. I am keeping track of what books I own on GoodReads, but I like to use “The List” when I am at the library to help me select books. I decided to print out my TBR list and mark which books I own, which books are available at the library, and which books I need to find through other means. What I thought would take me a couple of hours wound up taking a couple of days because my library’s online catalog kept crashing.

But I got it all done and spent some of today updating the version of the list available here. It’s been color-coded I can easily see books available at the library, which I think will help me read more off the list and cull it to a more reasonable size.  I can also see what books I need to obtain through other means such as my brand new iPad, a Christmas gift from my aunt and uncles.

Many of you have posted about your list of goals for the coming year and to tell you the truth, I haven’t even thought of it. I spent this year trying to read what I want to read when I want to read it, and I think I’ve stuck to that goal pretty well. However, I find myself wanting a little more structure to my reading in the new year so I am off to make another list!

The Sunday Salon:

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